Gränna Växter HB offers state-controlled quality plants from their own plantations.
The company was founded in 1970 but dates back to the 1800s. It was called Landströms handelsträdgård but was renamed in connection with the transfer of ownership 1970th. Then were the production flowers and vegetables but was later changed to fruittrees, conifers and roses.
Today is owned and operated company by Ulla-Britt Fasth and Lennart Johansson.
Our product line consists of home grown fruit trees, ornamental shrubs. We also grow summer flowers for hanging baskets, pots and balcony boxes.
We sell our products directly to consumers
through our online store,
You are also welcome to visit us at Grännaberget where we are located, but please call us before you come.
We don´t belong to any store chain, we are a completely independent company.

We devote ourselves with preserving old varieties of fruit trees by grafting and ockulation. We also do family trees with ancient cultural resorts to suit your own wishes.


Gränna vaxter HB est une petite pepiniere qui est situe a Gränna en Suede.
Notre production principale est les arbres fruitiers et les fleurs des
jardins mais nous avons aussi des arbres d 'ornements ,des coniferes et des
arbustes d 'ornements.



Gränna Växter HB ist eine kleine Planzschule, die in der Stadt Gränna, in Schweden liegt.
Unsere hauptsächliche erzeugung ist Obstbäume und perennierend.
Wir haben auch Zierstreucher, Bäume und Nadelhölzer.





GRÄNNA VÄXTER HB Box 45 563 22 Gränna Sweden
Tel/Fax +46 390 412 91 Cellphone: +46 70 626 52 92
+46 70 242 74 96
E mail: